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The strength of the Gemini woman lies in her vibrant personality and optimism. She is extremely clever and has the ability to talk about any topic under the sun —fashion, politics, religion or entertainment. She is constantly curious, prodding and poking at every angle and idea, her active mind flitting from one thought to the other faster than lightning. She is witty, quick with one-liners, and will remember the tiniest, most obscure trivia.

She loves to talk, but as a means to discuss, to gather ideas and information, not simply to fill empty spaces of silence. She is a multi-tasker and can shuffle different interests and hobbies. On the flip side, they get disinterested quite easily and may divert from their original track. She can easily get along with everyone, as they are excellent at conversation and open-minded. She loves to be surrounded by people and be active.

She loves to travel a lot as it offers them with an exciting opportunity to go to various places, meet people from all walks of life, and in the process gain some valuable experiences. She is an undeniably fair human being; a good advisor, and an excellent diplomat.

The combination of high intelligence, eloquence, wit and charm serves the Gemini woman well. Strength in character, a vibrant personality, optimism and well-versed in several topics could best describe perhaps one of the most celebrated Gemini women, Angelina Jolie.

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Jolie advocates several causes including conservation, education and human rights. In , she was named UNHCR Ambassador and regularly makes trips to war-torn and poverty stricken areas to raise awareness, generate contributions and financial aid.

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Ever the willing learner; Gemini are frequently characterized by potential energy rather than actualized accomplishment. They rely on inspiration, and often discover that their friends and followers respect their opinions more than their actual work. Though easily distracted, Gemini can be excellent in the work force.

Gemini Traits, Personality And Characteristics

If the job is interesting and appealing, the Gemini will get more done before lunch than his co-workers will accomplish all week. If the task at hand seems mundane and boring, he will procrastinate for a short time before moving on to a more challenging career. Gemini personalities love to be informed about all that is going on at the work place; they will look to their co-workers for input and advice.

In spite of their insistence on being in the limelight, Gemini are great team players. Gemini tend to be skilled at working with their hands, but they are not well suited for repetitive tasks. Geminis gravitate towards work that is scholarly in nature, research, discovery, or teaching. For Gemini, careers that provide opportunities to come up with fresh ideas and innovations are an ideal choice.

Excellent career choices for those who exhibit typical Gemini traits include: Actor, lawyer, journalist, events planner, politician, public relations, sales agent, teacher, architect and writer. Gemini is an air sign — free-spirited, idea-oriented, and social. As such, Gemini natives are looking for partners that satisfy their need for intellectual stimulation, good conversation, and constant variety. They are best suited to matches with either their fellow air signs or complimentary fire signs. Love with a Gemini can be challenging and frustrating, but positively rewarding.

They also have a predisposition toward inconsistency, nervousness, and short attention span. When it comes to romance compatibility astrology, Gemini meshes best with fellow air signs, as well as energetic fire signs that share their vitality and zest for life. We got all signs covered. Use the menu below to discover if you are compatible with your loved one. The sign of Gemini rules the shoulders, arms, hands, and lungs. Many natives of this sign are noted for their graceful arms and beautifully shaped hands. They are dexterous, well-coordinated, and often excel at sports and dancing.

The planet Mercury, which rules Gemini, has always been associated with respiration, the brain, and the entire nervous system. Anxiety and nervousness literally can make them sick. Relaxation is essential to their well-being. They should take time to unwind, relax, and unknot those nerves. Coffee and stimulants make matters worse and should be avoided. In fact, they are versatile enough to even excel amidst the changes.

They always see the opportunity in every situation and they never fail to creatively find ways to solve problems that arise along the way. Their tendency to change their minds multiple times and their habit of making impulsive decisions can sometimes cause difficulties especially when not working alone. It can get disruptive on the part of the people who depend on them. Moreover, Geminis can also get nervous especially when under pressure in their job and personal relationships.

Geminis love being busy. They are born multitaskers. Their natural traits of being inventive, curious and expressive push them to keep on doing things that stimulate their interests. There is a wide array of career paths that a Gemini can excel on. Any job that allows them to cultivate their communication skills and creativity can bring out the best in them and among these are: writer, teacher, trader, lawyer or entrepreneur. The symbolism of Twins manifest strongly in Geminis when it comes to relationships.

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  4. One moment they can be very affectionate and romantic, the next moment they can be distant and silent. If you really want to get to know them, you should spend time with them one on one. Gemini men are also huge flirts, so if you're dating a Gemini man, maybe don't introduce him to your hot friends. Gemini women are very passionate about life but are very hesitant when it comes to love. Due to their intelligence and indecisiveness, Gemini women agonize about the important decisions in their life.

    If you're dating a Gemini woman, be patient with her; it may take her longer to commit to a serious relationship. As I said, Geminis are always down to try anything once, which makes them very adventurous lovers. If you're looking for the perfect fling, pick a Gemini. They'll plan romantic getaways and take you on adventures. However, due to their indecisiveness, they can be scared or wary of commitment. The best thing you can do to keep a Gemini is to communicate. Geminis want honest and open communication in relationships.

    Don't try to keep any secrets from a Gemini. Geminis typically have a number of different partners before finding the right one to settle down with. Geminis need someone who is a match for their intellect and who is willing to have fun. As very social beings, Geminis tend to spend a lot of time with their friends and family.


    In their friendships, Geminis are looking for good communication. Geminis tend to lose touch with long distance friends if there is a lack of communication. Geminis can be flaky, especially if the planned activity is boring, so don't count on them to help you study or do your taxes. The best nights of your life will be spent with your Gemini friends. Family means a lot to Geminis , but it can sometimes be a burden to them. Family responsibility can get in the way of their desire to be spontaneous. Geminis would much rather go out with their friends than babysit their cousin.

    Nonethless, Geminis want loyalty and good communication in their relationships with family. Geminis tend to make good artists, writers, and journalists due to their inquisitive nature, adaptability, and outspokenness. Geminis always bring innovative thinking and passion to their work.

    Geminis have great communication and are great at witty banter which makes it easy for them to win people over. This also makes Geminis great managers. Their enthusiasm inspires their subordinates, and their intelligence gains the respect of other employees. Geminis are not very good accountants or bankers. Find the person who will love you as much as this polar bear loves the other. The three best matches for the Gemini characteristics are Libra, Aries, and Aquarius.

    Gemini ❤️ This IS Your Twin Flame! October 2019

    Libra and Gemini are a perfect match. Both love to have a good time.

    Gemini traits

    Aries and Gemini make for a match full of excitement since both signs are very outgoing and enthusiastic. An Aquarius and Gemini will have fun being spontaneous together —they both love surprises. Aquarius and Gemini are both very independent, so they may want time apart from one another.