Horoscope for aquarius march 21 2020

Your eagerness to serve feels at odds with your low-key ambition for money, status, or power. When put in the service of the greater good, ambition can be a powerful thing!

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Stick with it, and your disciplined efforts should pay off in December, when Saturn and Jupiter move into your sign and make their Great Conjunction on the twenty-first. What kind of lover you were in past lives? Your Karma Love Report reveals your soul's lessons in love and relationships!

Aquarius Horoscope

Angel Communication, Angel Chat Now! Angel Cards, Angel More Weekly Monthly Overview Romantic Career. Year of With wild-card Uranus as your ruling planet, Aquarius, it takes a lot to rattle your nerves. Want Even More?

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    Will Aquarius MOON Sign Have a Good Career Growth in 2020?

    Get a Live Tarot Reading. Look to the office for romantic inspirations or a brand-new crush object.

    AQUARIUS December 2019, The Start of a NEW AGE for You! Jupiter in Capricorn 2019-2020!

    March finds you surprisingly conservative, whether the relationship is brand-new or old as the hills. Singles Aquarius natives get sneaky on April 3rd ; make sure a back-up plan exists in case your romantic machinations fall apart, and remember that shared laughter cures all emotional injuries eventually.

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    The third week of May brings plenty of confusing intrigue — singles are likely to enjoy it, while couples may be caught off-guard. The horoscope forecasts that July finds Aquarius in his your own wacky world, feeling slightly distant from your loved ones. Ask them to respect your independence for now; it will allow you to give more generously when they need your support.

    Delicate new relationships need nurturing, not demands. Tread lightly on the hearts of others, especially around the 13th.

    2020 Aquarius Horoscope Preview

    Your community is a smoothly working system, allowing you to focus on your partner or the search for your dream partner. Couples can expect a deeper commitment around the 13th, leading straight on into a playful holiday season.

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    • Singles may struggle with intellectual dilemmas and should draw friends close for comfort. By November 30th, your heart is fully absorbed in the season. The climate is nearly perfect, but let the next big thing ripen just a little longer to guarantee a vast, receptive market on the 21st.

      Until February 19th, the public is eating out of your hand, and colleagues are demanding to know your secret. Let a few extra non-paying VIPs slip in the back door after March 7th. You need what they can give, and you want them on your side when that need becomes evident. In late March , a little humility costs nothing but makes competitors and new recruits like you even more.

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      Research any claims and referrals after June 10th — some people will say anything. Between July 23rd and September 2nd, upper management expects results while industry watchdogs question your methods. Professional rivalry might get personal after August 10th. Certain people applaud your apparent lack of control for all the wrong reasons after the 23rd. New teams form organically after Thanksgiving.

      However long this particular model lasts, look forward to doing some good work between now and the end of December — and be sure to give a little for the sake of your year-end karma.