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Venus Capricorn Love Compatibility. Zodiac signs - Anime scorpio male - Wattpad. And you better not be a geek or a nerd! However, every once in a while, a Leo might take on a pet project.

For example, if she believes you are a misunderstood genius or a damsel in distress. A Leo excels at rescuing and fixing. In sex, turn up the volume and let her know how you really feel! You can never pressure a Leo lesbian into getting serious if she does not want to. As long as you really believe in everything mentioned above or just lie really well , you will be happy together.

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Yes, she is aware that they exist, but unlike Cancer, she harbors no emotional attachment to them. However, if you manage to embarrass her in front of her friends by acting indifferent or cheap, that will be the end of your relationship. Here are the stages that she will go through before leaving her partner:. Stage one. She is perfect. Her partner is perfect.

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Those weird things people keep pointing out? Stage two. Those accidents start to not really seem like accidents anymore. Those coincidences, not so much coincidences. She will put two and two together. Stage three. Leo lesbian tries to pay more attention to her partner. Stage four. The Leo lesbian realizes that she can no longer live with the accidents. The Leo is looking for a new queen. Sounds like a wonderful match!

What a pair that is! Very interesting post. I was searching exactly for this. Thank you for your effort. I hope you will write more. Would you mind if I share your blog with my twitter group?

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Please let me know. They are feminine, honest, sweet and caring. I like to have deep conversations with them, and calm moments at their home! Capricorns are a bit aggresive, but i like them because they are protective and stable. Oh, and they are great cooks for some reason. Aries are superhot.. Good looks, sexiness, openess and very passionate people. Libras are nice, but they are not as easy as they seem. They want to do their thing and are very demanding. They are not the perfect match for a Leo, but rather good for a breef affair. Ooh, I totally approve of Arieses.

Really good in bed. No mind games there!

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Hope all is well. Capricorns are the passive-aggressive kind, and Leos are pretty open with their emotions. Strange combination. She is not as dominate and opposite of me. I read this and was shocked at how spot on it was!!

Okay, must say that I am naturally drawn to both Aries of course and Cancer women. I do love the cancer women. They can be a lot of fun, but a little clingy at times. Just not ready for being captured at this time. Leo and Aries are a pretty great match! Both have lots of energy and optimism. Cancer and Leo — not so much. Oh i am a leo and i disagree on some points. Especially if they are Cancers or maybe Capricorns. Maybe Gemini mostly. I would settle down with a Gemini girl anytime. Aries and Libras? Not really. I never knew a Leo and a Taurus could match for 2 years.

Maybe your Moons are compatible. Hey, sometimes love overcomes the differences. Sounds like Asia and her girlfriend figured it out! I am a cancer and I have just met a leo and she has captured my attention…. Start talking to her, get to know each other! Many before her have tried to pin me down, all failed until her. You Cancers are absolutely sexy, the archetype of femininity which drive us Leos wild with passion. Let your Leo know how you feel. Be your nurturing, intuitive, gentle and even shy self.

And always always be honest, no matter what. Because apparently I adore them. In high school I noticed this very beautiful year older than me, sexy Leo and instantly had a crush on her but never really talked to her but even as years passed and i dated and broke up with other women I never forgot that Leo woman. Well months passed and through a good mutual friend he hooked me up with her and we were friends for a month and then became gfs.

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I never felt happier in my life, i saw her perfect, sexy, cute, adorable, silly, intelligent, her body, her skin, her scent, her smooth soft hands…. I loved her to death…but.. Time passed and i met this other leo lesbian and we clicked instantly and hooked up…with her i opened up more than anyone but we only lasted a year and a few months….

Please let me explain why. Bottom line, we want you to be happy and let you go if we find we cannot offer it to you.